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AI Development

We design and build applications that combine AI and conversational design. Using natural language processing, speech to text, and machine learning, these solutions adapt to usage patterns and create smarter, more efficient workflows. 

Machinge Learning, Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Speech to Text, Automatic Speech Recognition

Custom Software Development

We are full-stack architects, developers, and designers. Companies of all sizes rely on cloudx to bring ideas to life with best-in-class work and innovative technology. 

.Net, Java, Node.js, SQL, Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, Cassandra, Docker

Cloud Migration

Minimize your risk and accelerate your time to value with our comprehensive cloud services. We build applications optimized for the cloud, integrate your on-premise applications, or migrate your mission-critical applications, data, and infrastructure with our cloud architects. 

 Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, 

Big Data Analytics

Whether you need to build a data warehouse, optimize how you process data, or visualize insights on a dashboard, our team of data scientists can accelerate your big data solutions. We have experience developing a range of solutions, from cloud based, to on premise, to hybrid models

AWS, Azure, Databricks, Redshift, SQL Data Warehouse, HDInsight, Elastic MapReduce, TensorFlow, SparkML, Azure ML, Power BI, Tableau...

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