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How we work 3 to 5x faster

We believe the traditional technology delivery model is outdated, so we rebooted it. Here’s how our approach works.

Focus on the “Why”

We convert projects to challenges and focus on the “why”, analyzing the underlying challenge and then tie our success to it.

Agile, Unified Teams

To reduce overhead and promote agility, we organize into self-managed, cross-functional units. That way, the unit delivers the skills and experience of a specialty boutique, the mindset of a lean start-up, and world-class solutions that meet enterprise demands.

Optimized Software Delivery

In most firms, the Agile process is too inefficient. We only use the best Agile practices and discard the unnecessary rituals and processes. Less bureaucracy. More efficiency.

6451174 5566423156389000886

We are software developers

A team of professionals with average 10 years of experience, able to generate a differential to the traditional IT services model.

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What we do

  • AI Development

    We design and build applications that combine AI and conversational design. Using machine learning and cognitive services, these solutions adapt to usage patterns and create smarter, more efficient workflows.

  • Product Development

    Companies of all sizes rely on cloudx to bring ideas to life with best-in-class work. We provide end-to-end construction of innovative applications, using edge technologies and Lean methodologies for fast time-to-market.

  • Automation/QA

    Our QA services focus on providing the best manual and automated test strategy to help you accelerate delivery times and detect issues in early phases of your software development process.

  • Cloud Computing

    Minimize your risk and accelerate your time to value with our comprehensive cloud services. We architect and build solutions optimized for the cloud, integrate with your on-premise applications, or migrate your mission-critical applications, data, and infrastructure..

  • Big Data

    We use next-gen analytics and data technologies to enable insights driven decisions. Our expertise extends from enterprise data management and big datasolutions to advanced data visualization.

  • Digital Archaeology

    We study existing applications codebase for a seamless knowledge transfer so we can work on their technical and business evolution.

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