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Get a project proposal with a specific technical stack and a team of Senior engineers, QA Analysts and designers

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Who we are

We enjoy developing high-quality software

With our 20+ years of experience we provide highly experienced, autonomous and specialized teams that will improve your project’s productivity, performance and reduce costs significantly.


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Why CloudX?

Five years delivering value to our clients

Understanding your technology needs and planning a cost efficient project will be our main priority. Our expertise allows us to choose the best technological stack for your business needs, making your product or service stand out from your competitors.

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How we work

Lean & autonomous

We work with agile practices by doing continuous delivery and integration, using flexible frameworks that ensure scalability and elasticity of your software.

We code with the best performance and quality standards, rising to the challenge and enjoying what we do, while nurturing the best client partnerships.

What we offer


To reduce time and costs, we create scalable microservices to best utilize your cloud infrastructure.


We can take over any existing software to ensure knowledge transfer and maintenance.


We enrich your decision making process with insights and data driven solutions.


We validate core functionalities, test early prototypes and accelerate delivery times.


With automated reports, we know the quality standards and performance of your product to improve them.


We’ll draft the best design solutions to improve the user experience and UI of your digital product.

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